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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  May 30, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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level since 1993. waters in both the mississippi and missouri rivers are expected to crest. that means reach their highest level, over the next one to two weeks. >> thinking of everyone there. thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm jim sciutto. "at this hour" with kate bolduan starts now. >> hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. thank you so much for joining me. so, the president spoke and said a lot. and in doing so, he denied reality. and i don't say this flippantly. he lied. he also confirmed a report that depicts him as so insecure he can't even stand to see the name of someone that he doesn't like. so this is what we're going to do today. something a little different. we'll play through some of his 17 minutes and 30 seconds talking to reporters and we're going to fact check it. here's why. yes, it's nothing new that the president didn't tell the truth, and we have all seen fact check after fact check of his claims.
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but it is still not normal. and it is still deserving to be called out. so let's get started. out of the gate, the president this morning was asked about bob mueller's statement yesterday and he attacked the special counsel and is still claiming he has been exonerated. >> well, i think it was the same as the report. it wasn't much changed. it was, to me, the same as the report. and there's no obstruction. you see what we're saying. there's no obstruction, no collusion, no nothing. nothing but a witch hunt. a witch hunt by the media and the democrats, they're partners. and it keeps going. i thought it was finished when the report was released. but it goes on. and to me, it was the same, frankly, as the report, and he said basically it was the same as the report. >> okay. so joining me now, elie honig,
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cnn legal analyst and former federal prosculatkurlecutor and avlon and evan perez. let us start with this one, what we heard. no obstruction. no obstruction, there is nothing. this is not what bob mueller said yesterday. this is not what is said in the report. explain. >> this is not even close. maybe the biggest and easiest one to shoot down. no obstruction. bob mueller spent the entirety of volume two laying out what i think is a very compelling almost overwhelming case of obstruction of justice. certainly enough to charge someone who doesn't happen to be the sitting president of the united states with multiple felony counts of obstruction of justice. this is just wishful thinking. i think one of the main lessons that came out of hearing mueller yesterday is the main thing that bailed the president out from an obstruction of justice charge is his status as sitting president. >> real quick, still calling it a witch hunt even so we have the fbi director who says it's not a
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witch hunt, the deputy director who says it's not a witch hunt. >> it's the opposite. what we heard yesterday from bob mueller re-enforced the idea because of his fidelity to the rule of law and his concern even about fairness, he didn't indict the president. he was bound by the justice department guidelines. that's the opposite of a witch hunt. it's the rule of law that benefits the president that wouldn't benefit anybody else. >> so evan, then president trump went back to another familiar refrain, questioning mueller's motives because the president says he has conflicts. let me play this. >> i think he's totally conflicted because, as you know, he wanted to be the fbi director and i said no. as you know, i had a business dispute with him after he left the fbi. we had a business dispute. i think he's a total conflicted person. i think mueller is a true never trumper. he's somebody that dislikes
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donald trump. he's somebody that didn't get a job that he requested, that he wanted very badly, and then he was appointed. and despite that, and despite $40 million, 18 trump haters, including people who worked for hillary clinton and some of the worst human beings on earth, they got nothing. it's pretty amazing. >> that is what he said, pretty amazing. because evan, the conflict as the president points to, it's addressed in the mueller report. you have done reporting on it. what does it say and what do you know? >> well, you know, the conflict he's referring to is a dispute that happened years and years ago. bob mueller had joined his golf club in virginia and had asked for a refund, then there was a dispute over that. years later, the president and his team asked mueller to come interview for the fbi director job after he had fired james comey. and it was after that that rod rosenstein the following day, rod rosenstein called up bob
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mueller and asked him to instead become the special counsel. so a lot of things that the president says just don't add up. there's no evidence to indicate there's a conflict at all. again, the dispute is addressed, as you mentioned, in the mueller report. and there's really nothing there. it's not clear why the president is hanging on to something so small, so petty, except for the fact that he believes it undermines the investigation. >> and what about the -- it's normally 18 angry democrats, now it's 18 angry trump haters. >> as you know, bob mueller himself is a republican, lifelong republican. again, the party affiliation of these prosecutors or the party they had voted for or donated to is not really relevant. there's plenty of times where you have republicans who are members of a prosecutorial team who will prosecute republicans and the same way with democrats. it's an irrelevant thing.
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>> why does he seem particularly angry about this today? if, as the president said, it's all the same as he saw in the report. >> as the president tried to say, it's a total exoneration. normally someone wouldn't be that angry. the fact is the president was specifically not exonerated. the president seeing bob mueller clarify that bill barr misled the american people, that there's a lot that's damning in the report, particularly with russia's demonstrated attempt to influence the election on donald trump's behalf, that gets under his skin, yet there's an impulse to lie about things big and small. on the first page alone, i have more than a dozen demonstrable lies. little things like he asked for the fbi director's ship and was turned down. steve bannon said that in his testimony to congress. >> worst people on earth. that's tough to gauge on any sense, but his pal kim jong-un would be much more likely to be
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on the list of worst people on earth than the lifelong prosecutors on the justice department. >> it's all subjective. not at all. one issue that has always been difficult for the president is whether russia helped him get elected. he talked about it again today. >> now, russia did not help me get elected. you know who got me elected? i got me elected. russia didn't help me at all. russia, if anything, i think helped the other side. >> mueller reports they tried to help you and hurt hillary clinton. was mueller wrong about that? >> i believe russia would rather have hillary clinton as president of the united states than donald trump. the reason is nobody has been tougher on russia than me. whether it's our energy policy, which was not heard. whether it's the pipeline, as you know, in europe going all over the place that i have been bitterly complaining about. whether it's ukraine. whether it's a whole host of
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things, there is nobody ever been more tough or difficult to russia than donald trump. i have to tell you this, i put sanctions on russia at a level that nobody has seen before. >> this whole issue, whether how russia helped him get elected, wanted him to get elected. that is also addressed in the mueller report. it's a large part of volume one of the mueller report and what russia was doing. and it's also even contradicted what the president said there, is contradicted by the president in a tweet this morning. >> yeah, this morning, he committed a classic washington gaffe, which is unintentionally telling the truth. saying that russia helped him win the election. look, we know that's true not only from the mueller report, not only from the intelligence community assessment. >> let us all be clear on our facts. >> yes. >> not that russia helped him. it's that i had nothing to do with russia helping to get me
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elected. >> classic washington gaffe. that's a pretty clear way of saying it, russia did try to help him get elected. the report says there was no coordination or collusion they could confirm on the part of the president, but the president today doubling, triple down on this outright falsehood, saying if anything, russia was trying to get hillary clinton elected. that's nonsense words. we heard from vladimir putin's own mouth he wanted donald trump to be elected. the report makes it very clear, it's not up for debate, but he's trying to dupe his base and say the exact opposite of what is true. try to confuse folks. >> key phrase from the mueller report is that the trump campaign expected to benefit electorally from the russian hacking effort. and that phrase bill barr cut out, cut off a sentence he put in his four-page letter. >> this is just the beginning. thank you so much. >> coming up, a lot more to go through from what the president said this morning. president trump claiming this
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morning he cannot be impeached. plus, the president also addresses reports that officials tried to block a u.s. warship from the president's view because it bears the name of the late senator john mccain. we'll be right back. that verizono importas is supporting military families. when i have a child deployed, having a reliable network means everything. so, when i get a video chat, and i get to see their face, it's the best thing in the world. and i've earned every one of these gray hairs. military moms, we serve too. (vo) the network more people rely on, gives you more. like military plans with a special price on unlimited. $100 per line, and big savings on our best phones when you switch. that's verizon.
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here we go. president trump fact check part two. because even though the president only spoke for 17 minutes and 30 seconds to be exact this morning, it may take all day for the truth to catch up. again, we're dedicating this hour to fact checking the president because what he did this morning may not be new for him, but it still should be called out. listen to what the president said about the possibility of it impeachment today. >> you think they're going to impeach you? >> i don't see how they can. because they're -- although i can't imagine the courts allowing it. i have never gotten into it. i not thought that would be possible to use that word. to me, it's a dirty word, the word impeach. a dirty, filthy, disgusting word, and it had nothing to do with me, so i don't think so because there was no crime. you know, high crimes and, not with or or, it's high crimes and
8:16 am
misdemeanors. there was no high crime and there was no misdemeanor. so how do you impeach based on that? >> all right. cnn's phil mattingly is joining me from capitol hill for this one. phil, he may be right on this at least part of this. where do things stand on the move toward impeachment where he says i don't see how i could be impeached? >> i think the reason why he might be right on this is more about the actual reason why he doesn't -- why it wouldn't be possible at this point in time. that's more about the political math and the actual member math here on capitol hill than it is him citing the courts, which have no role, i think, technically in whether or not the house passes articles of impeachment in the senate and convicts him. when you look at the dynamics, were the house to move forward, a committee would have to approve it, the full house would have to pass it, and there would be a trial in the senate and they would neat 67 votes to convict the president. right now, republicans control the chamber. 53 republicans, 47 democrats. democrats in order to convict the president would need to
8:17 am
convince 20 at a minimum republicans to come along with them in supporting that. at this moment, there are zero senate republicans who support moving forward on impeachment. that's why it doesn't seem like something that can go to fruition. the bigger question is will the house start to move forward on things? this is a reality we have picked up in the last 24 hours or so. there is a groundswell of a small number of house democrats who are very vocal, prominent, they serve in the house judiciary committee who believe it's time to move forward on an impeachment inquiry. i say a small number because that's about 40 house democrats. that means about 20% of the caucus is there now. most of those democrats come from safe districts. most of those democrats aren't politically liable at this point in time for taking that position. they're reflecting their constituents. they believe in some cases it's a moral case as well. but the speaker who pointed out yesterday that she knew the very number of democrats that had that position and made clear that is not the majority of the
8:18 am
caucus, nowhere near the majority of the caucus, therefore she's sticking to the path. not opening impeachment inquiry and if the evidence shows that's the path to go, nothing is off the table. two things in what the president said. one, when you look at the dynamics in the senate, it doesn't look like impeachment would occur given republicans control the chamber, and at at least at the moment, democrats are not going down that path, according to the speaker of the house. democrats can say whatever they want on tv, on social media, and otherwise. if the speaker is not there, then they are not going there either. so that is kind of where things stand on the dynamic at the moment. we'll obviously have to wait and see. a lot of steps to come and democrats have made clear nothing is off the table. the strategy is to current on their current path, according to the speaker of the house and jerry nadler who would oversee
8:19 am
any impeachment inquiry process. >> any question nancy pelosi is not counting votes on that, phil just corrected that. on phil's point, i want to bring back in elie honig. i want you to put a fine point on this. the president also said in speaking about this that he didn't see how he could be impeached because he didn't think the kourlts would allow it. courts have nothing to do with impeachment. >> completely nonsensical. the supreme court has absolutely nothing to do with impeachment. the only slight connection, almost a piece of trivia, is if there is a trial in the senate, it's presided over by the chief justice of the supreme court. but that's more of a ceremonial thing than anything else. there's no way if donald trump gets impeached he can appeal to the supreme court, ask the supreme court to stop it or block it, but the president has talked about the supreme court in this way before. he seems to think it's this all purpose get out of jail or get out of trouble free card, and it is simply not. >> absolutely not. elie will be back with me in a little bit. the president also took on the trade war with china.
8:20 am
this morning once again trying to say americans aren't paying the price for the trade war. here's another sound bite from the president speaking with reporters this morning. >> i think we're doing very well with china. i want to shake your hand. come here. you treated me fairly. thank you. thank you. wait, wait. i want to ask a real reporter a question. we're going to answer a real reporter's question. okay. china would love to make a deal with us. we had a deal, and they broke the deal. i think if they had it to do again, they wouldn't have done what they did. we're taking in billions of dollars in tariffs. china is subsidizing products, so the united states taxpayer is paying for very little of it. if you look at inflation and pricing, it's gone up very little. the tariffs are having a devastating effect on china. people are fleeing the country
8:21 am
with their companies. these companies are leaving for vietnam, other parts of asia, and they're even coming to the united states because then there's no tariffs. i think we're doing very well with china. we'll see what happens, but i can tell you china very much wants to make a deal because the companies are leaving china to avoid the tariffs. china is becoming a very weakened nation. just as iran has become a very weakened nation. and iran wants to make a deal also. >> okay. again, that was another one from president trump just this morning. cnn's christiristina alesci is with me on this one. is he right? >> the fact he's saying we're doing very well with china on the mourning that china called us economic terrorists is laughable. but he's trying to spin a story that the tariffs are great for the u.s. and absolutely horrible for china. and that's just not right. first off, let me dispel this
8:22 am
notion yet again that u.s. companies and consumers pay for the tariffs. china is not subsidizing that. we see that in various economic studies that have come out. the federal reserve bank of new york estimated the average family in america will pay $831 more a year because of these tariffs in both direct and indirect cost. not to mention the fact that the u.s. taxpayer will now have to subsidize u.s. farmers for aid to the tune of $16 billion. that was the latest round. we also did another round earlier for $12 billion. so we're talking a lot of money coming out of the u.s. companies and consumers' pockets to fund this war. >> thereathiz there's no bank tt can just dip into. what about the other thing, people are fleeing schiena with their companies? >> this is another thing that's, you know, completely confusing. it's true that u.s. companies are now trying to import from
8:23 am
other places, so we're importing more from vietnam. that doesn't mean that chinese companies are fleeing china to do so. and by the way, that could actually backfire on us because right now, we are bringing in, you know, when he says we're bringing in billions, we're bringing in more from u.s. importers into the treasury coffers, but u.s. companies are moving their supply chains, that means they're not paying the tariffs. that money isn't coming in to the treasury. it could ironically backfire that u.s. companies are going elsewhere, and it might undermine his claim that we're taking in billions in tariffs. >> on the most basic level, we're still in the midst of the trade war. american taxpayers are still paying for it. that's the way it is until it changes. >> you got it. >> thank you so much. all right, coming up for us, president trump launches a new attack on senator john mccain amid reports trump officials tried to keep a warship named for mccain out of trump's sight.
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selectquote's secret? they impartially shop a select group of highly rated companies like these for your best rates. give your family the security it needs at a price you can afford. the president today not only attacked robert mueller, the russia investigation, the russia investigation report, and so on and so forth, he also spent time attacking the late senator john mccain, confirming reports and two reporters that the white
8:29 am
house asked the navy to block or obscure the navy destroyer named for mccain and his family when trump was visiting troops in japan. let me play that moment for you. >> you think it's fair to the sailors of the "john mccain" that they were panned from hearing the speech? >> i don't know what happened. i wasn't involved. i would not have done that. i was very angry with john mccain because he killed health care. i was not a big fan of john mccain in any way, shape, or form. i think john mccain had a lot to getting president bush, a lot to do with it, to go into the middle east, which was a catastrophe. to me, john mccain, i wasn't a fan. but i would never do a thing like that. now, somebody did it because they thought i didn't like him. okay. and they were well meaning, i will say. i didn't know anything about it. i would never have done that. >> joining me now for this one,
8:30 am
pentagon reporter ryan browne and retired marine corps colonel. ryan, what is the pentagon actually saying about this? >> the pentagon is refusing to say on the record whether or not the navy was directed to either hide or obstruct the view of the "john s. mccain." the acting secretary of defense, patrick shanahan, said he was not aware of any directive. he had no knowledge of it, he did not approve it. he said he would not approve anything to diminish the legacy of what he called an american patriot, referring to john mccain, or the men and women who serve aboard the "john s. mccain" as part of its crew. not commenting whether or not there was this directive but it did not reach the highest levels of the pentagon. however, officials tellis us there was indeed a directive from the white house to lower level navy officials and one senior navy leadership found out about it, they stopped this effort its in tracks. but those conversations were
8:31 am
being told by officials did in fact happen. >> david, what do you think happened here? donald trump said that he didn't drebl direct anybody to do it, but the person who did it was well meaning. what do you think happened? >> one, i wouldn't agree with the characterization of it being well meaning. whoever made this decision, whoever communicated this, did the wrong thing. i think the navy very quickly needs to get a handle on exactly what happened, how it happened, why it happened. and they need to provide those answers to questions to the public and to the press very quickly. there's a lot of speculation out there. it's a very sad and embarrassing episode for the navy. sad, familiar for the sailors of the "uss mccain" who suffered the loss of ten of their shipmates in a collision and are now being seen through this lens. >> yeah. david, how high do you think this would have gone, from your
8:32 am
experience at the pentagon and your experience in the military, could, i don't know, some low level white house aide make this request to the navy? >> i think -- well, it's very difficult when people use terms like low-level, because it's very hard for me to believe that somebody at a very junior level would make this kind of a decision or a request. the other part, too, is even if it was done, communicated at a fairly low level, if the white house military office is reaching directly into a navy command, the word about that is going to go up the chain of command. i don't know how high it went, but again, these aren't the kind of decisions and the kind of actions that are taken at a low level. again, i think it's incumbent upon the navy to find out how high this went, who knew about it, who authorized it, and why it was done. >> and ryan, i mean, to david's point, the president today also said, he said that we will
8:33 am
probably be able to find out who did this, even though he said that person was well meaning in what they were doing. is there an investigation? is there an investigation into this? >> well, kate, acting secretary of defense shanahan while traveling in asia actually did say he had tasked his chief of staff with getting to the bottom of what happened here. now, whether or not it's a formal investigation, that doesn't appear to be the case, but he does seem to have directed his senior chief of staff to look into it. we'll see what comes from that. >> we sure will and we'll follow up. ryan, thank you. david, thank you again. good to see you. coming up for us, we have much more ahead, as we continue to roll on with the fact check of the president and the fact check just from today. donald trump says that he didn't give putin a pass for russian interference in the election. let us size that up and see how that squares with the truth once again. stay with us. n to. sold by real people
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to save 30% on all the medications we carry. so go directly to now. all right. welcome back. and let's call this now fact check part four of the president, and that's just this show, and that's just from this morning. that is because this morning, the president walked out of the white house and unleashed 17 plus minutes of anger and half truths and some straight up lies. to help determine which is which, we're replaying some of the most important moments. here now is the president batting away any notion he has given russia a pass for its
8:39 am
interference in the 2016 election. >> well, i think i have been much tougher on elections than president obama. president obama was told in 2016 just before the election in september that russia may try to interfere with the election. he did enough. and the reason he did enough is he thought hillary was going to win. we are doing a lot. and we're trying to do paper ballots as a back-up system as much as possible. because going to good old fashioned paper in this modern age is the best way to do it. >> cnn political director david chalian is here now, and back with us is former federal prosecutor elie honig. david, let's tackle this one. he says this all the time. about obama and the election, that obama did nothing about russian interference in the 2016 election. he's not correct, but it is complicated. >> it is complicated. there's some fair criticism. of everything you're going through today, this is probably
8:40 am
the most serious part of what the president is saying. this is the national security threat to the united states, to our fundamental democracy. this is the ongoing piece of this, not just looking back to 2016. >> what about mueller began and ended talking about. >> that's how he bookended his remarks yesterday. the president, there was an internal debate inside the obama administration in the late summer of 2016. how much to go public or not. the president, of course, lets mitch mcconnell off the hook because he was briefed on this and he said to the democrats if we go public with that, we'll consider that partisan politics. president obama in a one on one conversation with putin said hey, knock it off. the really aggressive action from the obama administration did not happen until after the election when sanctions were put in place. there is a fair critique that perhaps there was more the obama administration could have done, but to say he did nothing is not true, and it totally belies the fact that donald trump
8:41 am
undermines any efforts to protect the elections with his daily rhetoric and untruths about what actually happened in 2016. >> and also, no one can ever forget that in the middle of the election, donald trump, he may not have been part of government, but he was asking for a foreign adversary to get involved in the election. i will never forget, russia, if you're listening, and there's something to be said about that. russia clearly was listening and they just killed the lights on us, but they're starting back up. i love live television. we look so much better in the dark anyway. i want to continue, though, when he says we're going to go back to paper ballots as abackp system, as much as possible because the good old fashioned paper in this modern age is the best way to go, it continues with a theme of he is anti-new technology. we hear him say this often. is there something new to this? >> there's not something new to it. there's been a debate ever since electronic voting machines have entered into the discussion
8:42 am
about having a paper verification system to back up the electronic vote. it seems to me he's talkingunts marking an x on a piece of paper and putting it in a ballot box. you know, we have the most dissipated election system there could be. it's not centralized. it's one of the things many election officials believe protects the vote from being actually wrecked with by a foreign adversary. >> here's the next part. making an argument he didn't commit any crime when it came to the entirety of the mueller investigation, the president pointed today to the powers afforded to him or a president under article ii of the constitution as the reason why. let me play this. >> some day, you ought to read a thing called article ii. read article ii. which gives the president powers that you wouldn't believe, but i don't even have to rely on article ii. there was no crime, there was no obstruction. there was no collusion.
8:43 am
there was no nothing. and this is from a group of people who hate me. if they only found anything, they would have had it. he knows that better than anybody. there's no crime, no charge because he had no information. >> e lelie, is he right about article ii? >> i don't think so. what the president, i think, is trying to do there is give us a primitive version of what legal scholars call the unitary executive theory. i call it the president is king theory. and two notable believers in that theory are bill barr and justice kavanaugh. both of them wrote treatises espouses this idea that the president has almost unlimited powers and is above the law. the way we see it playing out, some of the president's defenders say because he runs the executive branch, he's free to fire anyone he wants for any reason he wants, even if it's to
8:44 am
protect himself. bill barr said that in his famous memo to doj before he became attorney general. i don't think that's direct. we never had that exact issue put in front of the courts, but the fundamental basic theory of our entire system is nobody can be completely unaccountable, nobody can be completely above the law. >> one other thing the president says, and this gets to where the conversation has been the last 24 hours, if they found obstruction, they would have charged. let's all be very honest. we all know at this point from what bob mueller made more clear than it was clear in the report, he made very clear yesterday is that he could not, that is not the case. it wasn't that they didn't find anything. >> because of that. >> because of the guidelines from the justice department from the beginning. let me ask this. after all this time, we have spent all these minutes in this show fact checking, going through things he has said before in the past. mistruths, half truths, and lies. what should people take away from this, david? what we saw this morning? >> i think they should take away
8:45 am
that this is behavior we should never get used to from a president of the united states, not being truthful to the american people, despite how common it has become with president trump. i think we should also take away that robert mueller, before television cameras yesterday, clearly got under the president's skin. he is acting more angry about mueller and the probe than we have seen him in some time. really going on the attack in a more forceful way. he's clearly exasperated, angry, and desperate to try to move beyond this, but there are ongoing investigation, ongoing lawsuits. mueller, i'm sure, is getting a call to testify. this is not going away, and donald trump is going to have to find a way to live with it because doing this every day, i think, is going to be not great for him going forward. >> and we'll continue to do this again at 11:00. really appreciate it. coming up for us, mueller's statement reignites and has reignited calls for impeachment president trump, pushing more democrats over the line.
8:46 am
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okay. okay. bob mueller made clear yesterday that he was done, closing up shop and going back into private life, and he also made very clear that the next steps, if any, are up to congress. listen. >> the constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse a sitting president of wrongdoing. >> while there have been calls from democrats for a long time from some to move towards impeachment, mueller's public appearance seems to have been the final straw for even more. one of those democratic lawmakers joins us now, congressman brendan boyle of pennsylvania. congressman, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> so bob mueller, he didn't say anything he would argue that wasn't already in his report. why do you now support impeachment? what pushed you over the edge, congressman? >> well, just to be clear, this is something i've been wrestling with for a long time. i think that a lot of my
8:52 am
colleagues are in the same boat as i've been attempting to figure out what is the right next step. for me what pushed me over the edge and what i do think is actually new or at least clarified from his statement yesterday is the ultimate question as to whether or not the special counsel would have brought indictments on the obstruction charges if not for that olc finding, essentially that guideline that says you cannot bring criminal charges against a sitting president. it was in my view and i think others but suggested but still unclear in his written statements, and then the attorney general barr went about with that four-page letter which frankly misrepresented the mueller report, something we would find out a few weeks later. yesterday it was clarified and i think made crystal clear from
8:53 am
mueller's statements and certainly the tone of his voice that if not for that olc guideline we would have had donald trump charged with counts of obstruction of justice, so given that, given that the special counsel is now officially concluded and is now resigning, i believe that the ball is clearly in our court. the next step, and just to be clear, i've called not for a rush to vote on impeachment but the official beginning of impeachment hearings, so that way we can go through what's in the report. we can further investigate where the report didn't go, and i know i'm going on here, but this is an important point. in the watergte case in '73-'74, the congressional investigations found things that the special counsel did not. for example, the bugging system in the white house, the tapes. >> but congressman -- >> that came through congressional hearings, not the special counsel, so now it is on
8:54 am
our shoulders to pick up this important work. >> i hear you you're not ready to rush to a vote, you want to start the proceedings. i just think -- i find it very hard to believe that in reality that if you begin proceedings that you wouldn't move to eventually vote on impeachment. i feel like it's almost a distinction without a difference. >> no. so -- i think you would ultimately have a vote. what i'm saying -- what i think would be inappropriate is if we suddenly had a vote without having the hearings. you can't exactly go to the jury because you've actually weighed the evidence. to further the analogy, what we essentially have now is the -- the charging document, the indictment. that's the special counsel's report. now it's up to us to actually have the trial to wade through that, to weigh it, to see the extent to which it might be true or not true but also to go a step further. remember, we now know something we didn't know at the beginning of this.
8:55 am
robert mueller really didn't look too much into the collusion aspect because he said that that was not strictly a criminal conspiracy matter. >> let me ask you this. >> that's significant, and that's something i wish he had gone into. >> let me ask you though. nothing is going to go anywhere without the speaker on board. >> right. >> and nancy pelosi made the case yesterday there are folks calling for impeachment but in her view she said, quote, we have the responsibility to get a result for the american people and that's where we're going. if a result, i say in air quotes, is eventually removing from office, if that is the result you're not going to get there, so with that do you accept do you accept that you're not -- you're not going to go there, that impeachment, the process isn't going to begin? >> what i would like to see now is hearings on the report period full stock market i think that it's appropriate to officially label them as an impeachment inquiry, even if you don't do
8:56 am
that, as long as you have the hearings, that to me is the bottom line. i mentioned about the white house bugging system in 1973. that was discovered during the watergate hearings. those watergate hearings actually weren't an impeachment process. that inquiry didn't start until february of '74 so the main point for me is to launch these hearings based on the report to call in those witnesses, to go even a step further where the special counsel didn't go in terms of his investigation. that is i believe our constitutional responsibility at this point. >> i'm interested to see exactly what those next steps are and which witnesses do end up appearing. congressman, we'll talk much more about this in the future. thank you for coming in. we'll have much more on this after a quick break. y of them as complicated, tricky language about their network and offers and blah blah blah. look. sprint's going to do things differently. and let you decide for yourself. they're offering a new 100% total satisfaction guarantee.
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welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thank you for sharing your day is. the president launches a blistering tirade at robert mueller. a lot of it was live and a lot a glimpse at raw trump anger. plus, speaker nancy pelosi acknowledges democratic calls for impeachment are louder today and coming from the presidential campaign trail, too, but she says the best path is patience, and she says the math is still in her favor. joe biden


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